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    Weather it is a supermarket, a big scale supermarket or a  convenience store around the corner, the display of food and goods in the store are supposed to make people feel fresh and attractive. When high-brightness products display products in a powerful way, lighting is a truly important tool. Well-planned lighting can effectively guide customers and enhance the shopping experience.

Lighting design based on visual marketing

    There’s always a visual concentration point when people observe the outside world, we call it focus point. This point usually stays in an image with bright colors, unique shapes, clear contours, consistency and easy understanding. The exquisite of visual marketing is that it attracts the consumers’ attention and inspires their shopping motivation. 

    Visual marketing in the practice of supermarket design, first is to use the design of lighting and color. The advanced lighting design forms and the use of scientific and reasonable color can enhance the beauty of the sales site, highlight the display effects of the items, enable the customers to have instant visual shock, attract their attention and produce rich associations, good memories and deep psychological feelings, inspiring customers’ potential buying desires. Second is to do a good job of exhibiting goods. Commodity display is a special technique for exhibiting goods to customers, mainly through organized planning of a series of store elements such as the product itself and window, shelves, props, models, lighting, etc. It can present real items directly in front of customers through artistic treatment to enhance the customers’ interests and inspire buying behavior.

    Against different lighting application areas, Lightingmaker attracts customers’ attention and promotes purchase through different light distributions, different light sources or all kinds of different types of lamps. We always use the lighting design of visual marketing to guide customers to shop, while at the same time creating a boutique supermarket scene to enhance the items’ value.

                                                 -Fresh Hema and Yonghui Supermarket

Hug the smart Internet

    The changing of buying behavior under the impact of the mobile Internet, and the contacts between the merchant and the user include a substantial increase in the online and offline. The range of user experience extends from “products” to “the whole service process focus on products”.

    These extended service paths and the added points are all forming the experience node. These changes will make purchases become more complex, personalized and need a sense of participation.
Philips indoor positioning system allows customers find out any items you wanted, making the entire shopping process more easier and enjoyable.

    Instantly provide the necessary information and help for customers, no need to queue at checkout, easily complete payments, and create a special value for your customers.
Our indoor positioning system can provide a unique service for your retail store to enhance shopping experience.

  •  • Location positioning precision reaches up to <0.5 m
  •    Guidance near the location
  •    SDK can work with a series of lamps 
  •    Compatible with Apple IOS8 and Android Lollipop API21 and more higher version
  •    No need to add hardware
  •    No need extra batteries
  •    Easy to achieve through lighting transformation

Carrefour, the revolution of shopping experience

    The 8,000-square-meter Cattrfour supermarket in Lille, France, is the world’s first large retail store with Philips indoor positioning system. Carrefour has developed an app called Promo C-ou that serves 3.2 million customers per year. After the Philips indoor positioning system and app are available, it can provide the following services:

  •     Ensure the location on the map of comprehensive supermarket
  •     Find and select promotes
  •     Check my surrounding promotional information
  •     Send the notice of the products out of stock

    Carrefour has found that customers’ satisfaction with sales has been improved through statistical surveys, and is now promoting indoor positioning systems to all Carrefour supermarkets in France.

Create a mouth-watering feeling

    Fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, breads, meat and cold meat are the flagship products in every supermarkets, these areas are the easiest to stimulate customer senses to enhance the quality of the whole supermarket and products. Lighting must be used correct, presenting a natural and fresh exterior to convey pure “fresh” and create a mouth-watering visual effect.

    Normally the application lighting knowledge such as using the high color rendering light source to revert the food’s colors, using high efficient LED to reduce fever to maintain the fresh of foods, or using the LED light source without UV and infrared to slow down the fruit decay rate, or the reasonable use of luminance and color temperature and other parameters. Only relying on these lighting techniques is far from our expected results, this is why Philips has developed two new food light sources that have been optimized for optimal spectroscopy, they provide excellent color rendering effects and present freshness and naturalness to achieve the best display effects.

    Fortimo LED SLM Warm White is specially made for fruits, vegetables and bread, stressing natural colors and making food look warm and rich. The spectrum of Fortimo LED SLM Premium Red has been specially optimized to enhance the visual impact of fresh meat by enhancing the contrast between fresh red and white. 

Besides, the backbone of Fortimo series is its excellent lighting quality, uses with Xitanium LED Driver, provides a complete system solution:

  • •  Does not emit any UV or IR rays, foods can stay fresh for a longer period of time
  • •  Almost no heat is generated in the direction of light, so it does not affect the displayed products
  • •  Properly customize the spectrum while maintaining good color uniformity and consistency(SDCM=3 step)
  • • Optimized system performance for maximum flexibility
  • • Dimming system, such as Touch&Dim and DALI, which are used to scenes installation and extra energy-saving

Save energy more effectively

    The energy consumption of lighting accounts for 30% of the energy consumption of the entire supermarket. Regarding energy saving, if we only consider the use of high-efficiency light source, high-efficiency devices are relatively primitive and too simple ideas. Energy-saving should be a systematic project. In the lighting design, according to different venues and in the case of fulling considering the users’ experience, it is very important to choose the correct light distribution fixtures and use appropriate lighting techniques to properly arrange the lamps and control systems. Energy saving and the means to control operating costs are also an important part of our system lighting solutions.

    While optimizing the lighting solutions at the technology level,  smart energy management system are increasingly being applied to more supermarkets or other retail stores, bringing high-efficiency enterprise-class energy management solutions that push energy solutions to a smart level.

    Philips StoreWise provides a comprehensive multi-site energy management stage(EMS): direct support all kinds of devices in the entire store for real-time system monitoring (including lighting, heating/cooling, power meter monitoring system and other devices), energy consumption analyze, make energy-saving strategy, and conduct energy-saving management. Save energy costs for chain operations managers, optimize property management;increase customer comfort.

Real-time system control

  • •  Partial energy consumption monitoring (such as lighting, air-conditioning, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity, etc.)
  • •  Devices status monitoring
  • •  Early warning prompt-risk control, easy to maintain

Visual present, big data analyze

  • •  Energy consumption analyze (check historic data and trend, find out energy-saving spatial chance point)
  • •  Energy-saving strategy
  • •  Energy-saving calculation-test and verify the efficiency of energy-saving strategy

Energy-saving management-remote/within the site

  • •  Smart dimming (daylight collection can reach up to 15-20% of energy-saving, brightness lock can reach up to 10-15% of energy-saving, human body induction can reach up to 3-5% of energy-saving, automatic dimming can reach up to 10-15% of energy-saving according to time period)
  • •  Energy-saving can reach up to 10-20% according to the air-conditioning/freezer status and environment control temperature

You need professional lighting consult

    Lighting is more than just functional lighting for retail stores. Even for functional lighting, lighting is a complex solution for large supermarkets, and each small retail area has special lighting requirements.

Wrong lighting may cause a decrease in the freshness of the goods, and thus waste; the guiding nature of lighting is not strong, and the promotions of the goods are not easily achieved, thereby affecting the profitability of the supermarket. Only the lighting solutions of market-test system can provide real opinions and perfect visual presentation.

Lightingmaker customizing the best lighting solution for you

    Relying on our lighting application research and practical experience in the food retail industry, we can make professional lighting solution for the food retail industry:
  •  •   lighting focuses on the freshness of fresh goods and items
  •  •  Subtly change the consumers’ daily shopping paths, staying time and set attractive areas by lighting 
  •  •  Decrease the maintenance and energy-consumption of lighting, decrease carbon emissions and costs of owners
  •  •  Further enhance and form the brand image by enlarging the brand’s market strategy
  •  •   Indoor positioning system and related technological advances can release the true potential of the“Internet lighting” ecosystem

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