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    Business environment design is a kind of commercial thinking with commercial appeal, which can be taken into consideration in view of commodity attribute, personality attribute, environmental factor and aesthetic form. 

    Relatively speaking, this commercial appeal will never express its value in a single form, but make up for the regret of the existence of space itself under the combination of function, atmosphere and characteristics. The commercial space lighting design is like a number of equation of variable combination, and it achieves the combination of art according to the needs while completing the lighting function.

    In the experience of consumer first business development, the mission of static space communication has been given to the millions of changes in light and shadow even the choice of luminaries. The eyeball effect they brought is undoubtedly a testament to the importance of lighting design in the commercial space environment. 

    Theoretically speaking, light is an indispensable condition to produce visual perception, and also it is the basic factor of aesthetic form. A good lighting design creates the special style according to the clear space theme and personality, and forms a memory that can be evoked, invisibly stressing the commercial features, so that can guide the customers and promote the working of commercial activities.

Light, interconnected
    More and more researches show that the shopper will use intelligent phone to get help and information when they are shopping in the physical retail store.
     •  71% of mobile phone users in the world are the users of intelligent phone.
     •  80% of intelligent phone users use their phones to help shop when shopping in the physical store.
     •  The phone users are 25% more than no phone users in physical store.
     •  One third of shoppers choose to use their phones to find relevant information instead of asking the clerk.
     •  50% of intelligent phone users are interested in receiving customized information when entering the store.
     •  50% of shoppers are happy to receive the product information around their location which is send by the retailer.

Use APP to release huge retail potential
     •   LED technology can locate the location of the intelligent phone by connecting to the retailer’s APP.
     •   APP can help with shopping by telling shoppers the location and information of the goods.
     •   APP can inform the promotion information of the product surrounding the shopper according to the their location.
     •   APP has a huge potential to improve consumer shopping experience, increase loyalty and improve the promotion.

Let retail stores connected to the control

Achieve the add value by purposeful technological innovation and sincere customer service.
     • Control the energy consumption and costs of the center area.
     • Decrease the operating costs.
     • Improve the operating efficiency, establish and supervise to achieve the KPI standard.
     • Make optimization of maintenance and decrease the costs of maintenance.

Experience, the soul of commercial lighting
    Office and road have illuminance standards, then what about the shopping center and commercial center? Is there any value? Seems not. Commercial space has many types, different space is not the same, including the needed illumination. And the requirements of different mall are different, the stable lighting standard is unable to establish when in the specific commercial space. So, there’s no right or wrong in commercial lighting, it’s the overall experience that determines the quality of commercial lighting.

    Experience is the most important part of the business process, so who decides the “experience” of business? The perfect finishing of designing plan and shaping of experience are the result of mutual communication and joint decision. The development of the entire commercial center has different roles, owners, architects, the architect is working with electrical engineers, machinists and indoor designers, space designers and landscape designers, one of them is the lighting designer. The lighting designer needs to have a better communication with architect and space designer, in order to form the best lighting effects and space experience.

Commercial light environment design based on experientialconsumer demand

    Consumers are the main users of commercial space, so the considerations of consumer’s consuming psychology and consuming behavior are the important reference of business environment development trend. At the same time, the scales, functions, modes and other aspects of business environment are also affect the consuming psychology and consuming behavior. Therefore, the light environment of commercial space must be changed according to the consuming psychology and consuming behavior of different eras, in order to conform to the development trend.

    A famous marketing master Mr. Philip Kotler said: What consumers buy is the whole of the goods, not only the entity of the buying goods, but also packaging, after-sales service, advertising and reputation, and the most importantly is the space atmosphere at the trading place. Obviously, the light environment is the most important marketing tool. Current shopping center lighting should meet the following requirements:
(1) Lighting must have a certain degree of visual prominence, which can play a role in attracting customers’ attention.
(2)  Lighting equipment must create a good business atmosphere, give consumers the right visual orientation, and be able to show the quality of the goods. 
(3)  Lighting also plays a role in inspiring customers’ desire to shop, which is of great significance for improving the sales of goods. 
(4) Lighting design must have a certain integrity and flexibility.

The lighting method of modern shopping center

    As for indoor lighting in the current commercial space, it can be roughly divided into general lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting based on functional requirements. In the light environment construction of the interior design of the shopping mall, we must comprehensively consider these three factors and strive to achieve good lighting effect.

General lighting

    Designing the general lighting in the commercial space can provide a certain illumination for the indoor space of the mall, thus presenting the indoor designing style. General lighting is the most common way of real-world functions, and it plays an important role in the spatial image of the entire business and the atmosphere of the environment. In terms of general lighting design, it must not only have a good horizontal illumination, but also have a certain amount of vertical illumination. General lighting in commercial spaces has these following features:
(1) Commercial space must have a roughly the same brightness and try to minimize the dark places. (2) In some places where general lighting and accent lighting used together, it is necessary to control the amount of general lighting. 

(3) Normally general lighting has no direction, when the items in the display space change, the configuration does not need to be changed, therefore, general lighting should have a certain flexibility and adaptability.

 (4) It is best to choose some light sources with a high color rendering index for general lighting, especially for some products that require color. According to the different type of items in the commercial space, general lighting can use different light sources, which can make the lighting atmosphere more active.

                                           -General lighting with brightness, comfort and rich texture       

    Philips CertaFlux series COB chip owns good color rendering index(CRI>90) and provides color consistency experience with color tolerance <3 steps. When providing high quality light quality for the business environment, its products series cover 500-5800lm and 2700-6000k, and providing a complete light source solution.

Main features and benefits
     • Economic and affordable
     • Flexible choice of different Lumen Output between 500lm and 5800lm
     • Long life up to 5000 hours
     • Philips system solutions(CertaFlux LED SLM + PHILIPS Driver)

Accent lighting

    Accent lighting plays a role in illuminating the key products in  the mall and the main place in the store. Generally, according to the different characteristics of the product, different lighting methods can be used to illuminate the corresponding products and places, so that can highlight the three-dimensionality of goods and the texture, luster, color and other elements of the merchandise surface. Pay attention to the following points when designing the accent lighting: 

(1) The illumination of accent lighting is 3-5 times that of the general lighting.

(2) High-brightness light source can be used to render the luster of certain merchandise surfaces.

(3) Strong directional lighting can be used to highlight the three-dimensionality of different goods and the texture of goods. 

(4) Elemental highlights can be used to highlight specific parts of the product. 

Decorative lighting

    The use of decorative lighting in modern shopping malls can play a role in highlighting the characteristics, visual effects and controlling the atmosphere of the mall. In the interior environment design of modern shopping malls, it is necessary to display and express commercial functions as the premise to carry out the condiment and decoration of different artistic atmosphere. When designing the decorative lighting, generally using the beautiful outside packaging, thus personal and professional arrangement to do the design. So decorative design is usually considered an ornamental lighting. Good decorative lighting is not only playing a role in expressing the good commercial space atmosphere, but also increasing the customers’ impression to the mall. Therefore, decorative lighting plays an irreplaceable role in general lighting and accent lighting.

The application of light environment in the interior design of shopping malls
    The construction of space atmosphere has a very important point besides color, background music and environment smell, that is, light. Lighting is a kind of “soft packaging”for shopping mall. It shows the appeal of the seller in a certain period of time and is also the medium for the seller to convey the shopping information to the customers. “Except the basic light source without direction, accent lighting and decorative lighting are to some extent adapt the consumer’s visually accepted information to the feelings of the heart, so that strengthening the sensitivity. And now the light rendered in a certain range of atmosphere inspires the shopping desire of customers.”

    Of course, in order to better highlight some spatial surface or shape through illumination and achieve the theme of experiencing space, the indoor lighting design should more to master the principles: high far beam, weak near beam; multi-color blending in far beam, less color and monochrome in near beam; changeable hyperactivity in far beam, less change in near beam. And also should notice the people’ psychological effect caused by the brightness of the light and the color of the lamp. Since the scientific lighting and artistic illuminance is the whole atmosphere to form the theme effect, and this conscious soft decoration is just the invisible logo for each commercial space. The unique lighting design has became one of the tricks of them to operate specially and increase awareness. 

Divide spatial areas, enrich spatial levels

    The separate of the space can be achieved by different tricks. Except the solid wall segmentation, disconnection or transparent reverse space processing, even present the special crop, height difference and bump processing. However, the division of spatial area is the directional presentation to enrich the spatial levels.

    Of course these will be all filed in hard division. In soft division, the light processing shows its gradual excess. Lighting can make people feel the limit of each areas of the space, using different illuminations and lighting colors to divide different functional spaces. At the same time, the primary and secondary relationship between the space of the intensity of the lighting decoration makes the spatial boundary more clearer and the spatial space level richer.

External expression of artistic emotion

As long as there’s light in the space, there will be two sides of light and dark. 

    The light’s brightness, strong and weak, position and direction make the spatial people and objects present the light state with a nearly artistic shade, shape, far and near, etc, finally form the different expressive. The outstanding performance of goods, backlight mapping and strong light contrast between light and shadow are all the external expressions of space art. When people are enjoying the interactivity of experiencing space, the lighting color, anti-mapping of suspended ceiling, steel seat, mirror refraction even the fabric’s soft touching, etc, are all painted to the fullest in the confused effect created by lighting. 

    If literature studies how to use language to inspire people’s desire for expression, architecture explores how to use tensioned material to express the vivid of space, and how music uses sound notes to arouse people’s emotions. Then light is the emotion that express the space by color and light strengthen and weakness, and this emotion is properly expressed in the commercial space.

    The main reason for the commercial space design different from the others is the customers’ feeling of space and goods, among them, lighting design is one of the important factors that can not be ignored. Lighting has been sublimated from a pure lighting supporting role to the art of light environment. This combination of lamp, light, shape and shadow make the space from monomer to whole, the spirit experience of feeling they brought is hearing, vision, olfactory even the taste.

Customized the best lighting experience plan for your mall

    Lighting is more than just functional lighting for shopping centers. Even for functional lighting, lighting is also a plan requires complex for large shopping centers, and every small area has special lighting requirements.

    Relying on our professional knowledge in lighting, we can make professional lighting plan for shopping centers:
     • Setting attractive lighting scenes to improve promotion and increase the shopping desire of the customers.
     • Subtly change the daily shopping paths and staying time of the customers through lighting, and setting attractive area.
     • Reducing the maintenance and energy consumption of lighting, and decreasing carbon emissions and the costs of owners.
     • Further improving and forming the brand image by enlarging the brand’s market strategy.
     • Indoor positioning system and the related technological improvement can release the real potential of “Internet Lighting”  ecosystem.

    In the face of different customer’s requirements and spatial location, commercial space design has no standard answer. From the perspective of “space experience”, we use the way of exploration to find out the logical relationship behind the problem, try to solve the problem in a principal method, and constantly provide the most appropriate solution. Besides, we always find some logic that can be followed and constantly make corresponding improvements according to the different cases, and multidimensional thinking about the value of lighting in space to bring surprises and even amaze to users!

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