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Hotel lighting solution

    Hotel must be adapt to the location of the hotel when making the lighting design. Using the lighting properly according to the different areas in the hotel, which can develop a unique atmosphere with comfort and romantic. Due to the diversity of the different areas of the hotel, in the process of light designing, except the basic illuminance instrument, the rational arrangement of the environment and lighting products should be considered to achieve harmony and unification, in order to create an ideal lighting effect.

Hotel lighting design based on Visual psychology 

    Visual psychology refers to the unconscious reaction of the human brain in the light environment by visually understanding the existence of something in the environment, obtain information from it, and thus generating various behavioral and emotional psychological needs for the environment. Mainly include two processes as follow: Visual perception process and cognitive psychological process.

    From the perspective of cognitive psychology, it divides the thinking process of the human brain into three operational levels: visceral level, behavior level and reflection level. In the three levels of the human brain, the visceral level belongs to the visual perception process, which is the simplest and fastest intuition process.The behavior level is enhanced or suppressed by the reflection level, also it also enhances or suppresses the visceral level. Donald Arthur Norman from America mainly researched the phase matching problem of design and psychology in the book "Design psychology 3-Emotional design". He first proposed the three levels”visceral,action and reflection”, integrate into industrial design activities of how to combine the psychology of designer and the psychology of consumer.

    If we reflect these three levels into the lighting design, we will find that when people face a certain lighting designs, the emotions generated by people are also controlled by the three emotional levels of visual psychology. The lighting design of the visceral level can often arouse the viewer’s visual sense of pleasure in the first time. The lighting design of the behavior level will bring the behavioral convenience to the audience, the behavior level is a subconscious movement, and the lighting design of the reflection level can make the viewers produce some imaging. For example, embellish some small option fiber light source on the ceiling of the hotel lobby, people will image starry sky at night. A random flicker of sky-blue water wave light spot will remind people of the ocean, etc.

Based on the visual design principle of hotel lighting People foremost
    The people foremost principle of hotel lighting design can be understood as two contents: First, the overall luminous environment of the hotel space should satisfy the most basically psychological needs of human beings, that is, the pursuit of brightness in visual perception, which requires the  physical index and characteristics of the light source and the light distribution design in the hotel space. Second, the people foremost principle followed in the design of hotel lighting refers to the harmonious relationship between light colour and people, light colour and the colour of indoor environment, shape and material. People foremost principle runs through the visceral level of the whole lighting design. The visceral level lighting design is the immediate emotional effect, which is the feeling of people likes or dislikes in the overall light environment of the hotel. Using the lighting design principles, it helps the hotel to model an overall cheerful atmosphere, so that can bring more comfort and security to the guests .

Meet the Principle of functional requirements 
    The behavior level throughout the lighting design of the hotel is the principle of meeting functional requirements. From the perspective of satisfying functional services and understanding of customers, on the one hand, lighting should be targeted. The customer’s visual perception habits, behavioral bases, and psychological needs of the venue should be analyzed to clarify the function of each region to give the customers a sense of direction, and to be able to define the position of customers in time and space. So the environment lighting ,work lighting and accent lighting of the entire lighting design should be treated differently,according to the needs of customer’ s life behavior. On the other hand, to meet the aesthetic needs of people. Under the influence of the lighting environment, the comprehensive emotion of customers are closely related with the people’ s ideas. To inspire people’s aesthetic ideas roundly under the hotel environment, it’s necessary to create a harmonious and humanized hotel with a strong atmosphere.

Principle of combining technology and art 
    The technical support and artistic aesthetic in hotel lighting design run through the reflection level in the entire lighting design. It is to express the design of the light itself, and then feel the common sense association, that is, the association of memories or experience.

    In principle, in addition to the integration, humanization, and  human physiological and psychological needs and functional requirements of the light control environment, light can be used as an artistic expression to highlight the atmosphere of the entire hotel space.

    Who is more important about hotel lighting design, technology or art? In fact, a simple art school dose not exist, and a purely technical school dose not necessarily exist. Everything that doesn’t talk about technology is a hooligan. All the lighting design that doesn’t talk about aesthetic is a pretense. So, every lighting design is the combination of technology and artistic.

The foothold of commercial lighting is business
    Hotel is a merchandise too, the architectural design, costume design and lighting design is all for decorating it, which can make it win the market recognition in business competition. To do a good job in hotel lighting design, the first thing that the lighting designer needs to know is the brand positioning, grade and the audience target of this hotel. A business hotel, express hotel or a hostel, its commercial nature will be different, and the using of lighting will be different too. Decide the main tone of lighting design according to the hotel’s commercial nature, in this way, the lighting design can satisfy the basically lighting requirements, at the same time, it can also improve the hotel’s product added value.

    For example,  in the lighting design of Heyuan Scenery Hilton Yilin Hotel , the lighting designer is based on the study of the hotel’s architectural style, material properties, decorative embellishments and other contents, combine the hotel location, characteristics and then formulate a set of lighting plan which is security, energy-saving, operation conveniently and confirmed with location, use lighting to help the hotel continue to grow.

    The overall shape of this hotel shows the meaning”spread wings,hug”, it’s like an eagle spread its wings to fly high, and it’s also like spreading hands to receive the guest. The hotel’s spacious lobby shows the hearts of receiving the guests from all over the world. The designer combined the hotel’s architectural meaning, according to the different function’s nature of the lobby, used the lighting to render this atmosphere.

    One trip of unique and cheerful chandelier on the center of lobby, means the integration, against the background of LED spot light strip and wash light, it adds a touch of luxury and create a comfortable lighting environment. As a short break and waiting place, rest area is able to  satisfy the basic lighting, and has more artistic, in this cheerful atmosphere, can reduce the customer’s irritability during waiting. 

 Flexible application of design techniques guided by design specifications

    Every countries have lighting specification, follow this specification to allow lighting to have standards and will have no big design problems happen. But specification only play a guiding role, indoor lighting design has many changes. It’s not necessarily staring at the specification, if you do this ,which means your design is dead.

    Against the lighting design of office sales center project of Poly Yuzhu Port Project, designers abandon the traditional office lighting pursuit of illumination, the so-called limit of the absolute value of the uniformity, combine the hotel lighting’s design techniques and visual feelings, rethinking and apply the colour temperature, brightness, uniformity, etc,of space lighting, simple technique, rich contents, highlights the unique temperament and refined taste of space design.

    The corridors use irregular diagonal lines to segment the space, use liner hidden lamp slots streamline relationship to guide the audience, at the same time, use an irregular method to illuminate an art installation area. But the choice of VIP rooms and large meeting rooms by the other side do not show. Therefore, the whole corridor forms a visual contrast between black and white. The chat area abandons the space method of common bright and high illumination, from the simple lines shape on the ceiling and space, combines with the position of the lighting,and then installs the lighting. Use a bright and dark rhythm to form a relaxing and personal chat area. Irregular ceiling shape requires more precision with the technical parameters of the lighting, but the illumination of each desktop is consistent, whether it’s from modular sofa or loose area, it always maintains a sense of vision.

To make a perfect design--the calibration of lighting is essential
    After doing any lighting design and lighting concepts, a very important process is the calibration of lighting, so that you can finally achieve the effective finishing of the program. The human’s eyes are the best debugger, you must practice the sensitivity of your eyes to light, including the related color temperature, brightness, lighting color and color consistency. Eyes are the best validation tool, sometimes it is better than instruments. Of course, this requires your accumulated work experience.

    Lighting color is the basic element to decide the quality of lighting environment among them. There units of measure are used to set the light color properties: related color temperature, color rendering index, color tolerance.

Related color temperature: use lighting source with the same color temperature, color temperature is about 3000k
    The same function area, surface and object, can unity the tone of the light environment if they use the lighting source with the same color temperature. As for the hotel light designing, due to the emphasis is not on conflict and drama, so the uniform tone is in line with the characteristic of the hotel.

    No matter what types of hotel, create a kind, warm and friendly atmosphere may be the common appeal for them. And the light environment provided by the light source with color temperature 3000k can strengthen this characteristic for hotel. As for Ban Yan Tree, a type of leisure resort hotel, usually uses color temperature 2700k, in order to create a lazy and comfortable holiday atmosphere.

 Color rendering index: the more advanced the hotel, the higher the color rendering index of the light source
    Color rendering index is used to measure the ability of the light source to restore the color of the object, normally uses Ra to measure. General speaking, the higher the Ra of the light source, the stronger the ability to restore the object’s color. The more advanced the hotel, the higher the color rendering index of the light source. Generally, a place where people have more contact with people, especially hotel, the customers can show a healthy skin tone is very crucial, and the customer’s visual experience will be different.

Color tolerance: the smaller the color tolerance, the better the color consistence of the space
    Color tolerance is a parameter used to express color consistency, unit is step, the smaller the color tolerance, the better the color consistence of the space.

    Except choosing light with high color rendering index, color consistency also contributes directly to the uniform lighting effect. As for the same batch of light source from the same manufacturer, we usually can see a little deviation in the color of light, which affects the overall visual effect. Therefore, during the lighting calibration, especially notice the color consistency detection.

    At the present market, Cree, PHILIPS, Luminous, etc, the color consistency of these brands’ light source can reach 3 step. For example, Philips’ new style COB series Certaflux LED SLM, color consistency is 3 step, and provides 1.5 step solution. Simultaneous  its color rendering index reaches up to 90, provides stable and high quality COB solution for hotels and supermarkets and other commercial fields.

    Luminous flux ranges from 500lm to 5800lm, available in 2700k-6000k, and fully compatible with Philips drivers, provide system solutions not available from other light source manufacturers

Main features and benefits

  • •  Economic and affordable
  • •  Flexible choice of different Lumen Output between 500lm and 5800lm
  • •  Philips system solutions(CertaFlux LED SLM + PHILIPS Driver)
  • •  Long life up to 5000 hours

The future of hotel light-- Intelligent Lighting System

    Intelligent lighting can make space more expressive, create an atmosphere they need, which is helpful to attract customers, and it can also improve the service efficiency. Simultaneous, save energy and reduce operating costs are the biggest highlight of intelligent lighting. Intelligent lighting control system can be managed through reasonable management, according to different date, different time and different venue to install the illuminance, that is, it can provide the most comfortable lighting with the most economical energy consumption.

    While grasping the effect, we must also grasp the cost for the customer, this is what the lighting designer needs to do and the value of the designer. Consider the problems of cost and construction, try not to use dimming system when the control can be compared. It is suggested to use dimming system while there’s a very complicated space or a space that requires a lot of changes to the sense, of course, this must have a certain budget and construction guarantee.

    As for the complicated space, it is suggested to use DALI dimming module for the dimming module, because there’s a separated address, at this time it is possibly to define that the brightness and darkness ratio for each of light is different, this is one of the benefits of control module for DALI. Simultaneous, if indoor space condition is allowed, the fault tolerance of light design used by intelligent lighting will be more higher, also, can better correct the lights later.

    Philips Dynalite, as the best lighting control system in the world, based on DALI dimming module, its application is available in every applications and scales. It has been applied in 30000 programs and established a number of large and extensive control networks around the world. 

Characteristics of Dynalite System:
[1] Achieve lighting control intelligent
    After using intelligent lighting control system, can make the lighting system work in a fully automatic state, according to the advanced installation, the system will switch some basic working states, automatically switch between various operating states according to the preset time. 

[2] Beautify the service environment to attract the customers
    A good lighting design can create a warm and comfortable environment, enhance its artistic charm. An elegant light environment can bring people a feeling of being at home, enhance their good feeling to the building, and make them feel kind and warm.

[3] Considerable energy saving effect
    In addition to providing a comfortable environment to the staff, energy saving and operating costs reducing of the building are another concern for owners. Since the intelligent lighting control system can be managed through reasonable management, perform the illuminance settings according to the operation of each functional area according to different dates and different times, it is guaranteed to turn off the lights when no light is needed. In most cases, many areas have no need to turn the lights on or turn to the brightest, Dynalite intelligent lighting control system can provide the most comfortable lighting with the most economic energy consumption, thereby greatly reduces the energy consumption of the building. 

[4] Extend the lamp life
    The deadly reason of lamp damage is excessive voltage. The higher the operating voltage of the lamp, the more its life is reduced. Conversely, if the operating voltage of the lamp is lowered, the lifelong will be double increased. Intelligent lighting control system uses soft start and soft shutdown techniques, avoid the thermal shock of filament, extend the life of the lamp further.

[5] Linkage control with other systems
    Dynalite intelligent lighting can linkage control with other systems, like, BA system, fire alarm system. All loops can be forced to open by the fire alarm system when emergency situations happened. 

[6] Improve the management level, reduce the maintenance costs
    The intelligent lighting control system converts the common man-made turn up and off into intelligent management. It’s not only enables the managers of the mall building to apply their high-quality management consciousness to the lighting control system, but also greatly reduces the operating maintenance costs of the office building, and bring a great return on investment.

 A good design program is definitely the result of multiparty communication
    A good program needs the operation of owner, indoor designer, space designer, light designer and construction side.As an indoor lighting design, a big job is to have a perfect communication with the space designer. The space designer has already considered the entire keynote very well when doing the entire space. As an indoor lighting design, first combine some lighting techniques with lighting design, and combine space designers with space aesthetics, including some ideas of the entire keynote to form an effective combination, and then achieve the extremely sublimation of the lighting scheme of the entire indoor space lighting design through communication. Sharing, interacting and communicating with space designer, complementing each others’ professional aspects, and finally forming a perfect program. A good program must the result of multiparty communication.

Maintenance and management

    No matter what grade of hotel, maintenance and management of lighting products has always been a concern of hotel management companies. The high standard requirements of its venue environment has high requirements on the lamp lifespan, produce durability and energy consumption. In particular, all sorts of gigantic artistic lamp and embellishing recessed lamp, are both have high requirements to the post-maintenance and overhaul management.

    Therefore, it is necessary to solve the overhaul management problem more effectively with the least resources. In addition to the hotel itself should establish a management mechanism, when doing the lighting and light source selection during the light scheme designing stage, the hotel should consider comprehensively in design goals, energy savings and the convenience of maintenance. Under the premise that the products can basically achieve the lighting effect, try to use the lamp which is long-life light source and high level protection, easy maintenance and also have good energy saving requirements. In the case of costs, intelligent management control system can also be introduced to achieve centralized monitoring of lamp terminals. In order to achieve good energy saving characteristic and the least amount of labor costs of post-maintenance. 

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