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Xitanium Single Current

      This range provides an affordable selection of point drivers which have 50,000 hours lifetime. The driver specially addresses the flickering issues by low ripple current, making this ideal for camera operation.

  • Features

    Small, compact dimensions

    Specific, optimized output current and voltage

    50,000 hours lifetime

    Fast Time to Market

    Low ripple current <=4%

    THD <=15%

    Multi current output of 27W/32W/34W/36W/44W

      • Benefits

        Drivers designed based on Philips experience and knowledge in converntional fluorescent and HID technologies

        Various power wattage drivers that are related to the lumen packages/ applications

        Independent version housing design for stand-alone installations

        Resolve flickering issue in certain applications

        Authorized certificate: ENEC, CB, CE, CCC, RCM

        • Applications


          Track light


          Panel light

Product specifications

Product type Max Output power(W) Output Current(A) Output Voltage(V) Download
Xitanium 15W 0.35A 42V I 230V 15 0.35 32-42 Download datasheet
Xitanium 21W 0.5A 42V I 230V 21 0.5 32-42 Download datasheet
Xitanium 27W 0.6/0.65A 42V I 230V 27 0.6/0.65 32-42 Download datasheet
Xitanium 32W 0.7/0.75A 42V I 230V 32 0.7/0.75 32-42 Download datasheet
Xitanium 34W 0.9/1.05A 32V I 230V 34 0.9/1.05 24-32 Download datasheet
Xitanium 36W 0.8/0.85A 42V I 230V 36 0.8/0.85 32-42 Download datasheet
Xitanium 44W 0.9/1.05A 42V I 230V 44 0.9/1.05 32-42 Download datasheet
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Xitanium Single Current