LED module CertaDrive Low power factor
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CertaDrive Low Power Factor

      These fixed current drivers offer an easy to use solution for essential spot, downlight and panel light applications. The CertaDrive range is designed to meet the market needs for basic lighting. They are therefore ideal for high volume applications and can be used with different type LED light engines. These driver are optimized for Chip On Board (COB) LED technology and are available in a variety of wattage.

  • Features

    High reliability

    Luminaire design flexibility to keep stable/constant

    Lumen output and light quality levels

    Fast Time to Market

    Low power factor

    Affordable LED Drivers

    +/- 10% output current tolerance

    30,000 hours life time

      • Benefits

        Drivers designed based on Philips experience and knowledge in converntional fluorescent and HID technologies

        Various power wattage drivers that are related to the lumen packages/ applications

        Fixed output drivers

        Independent version housing design for stand-alone installations

        Authorized certificate: ENEC, CB, CE and CCC

        • Applications


          Track light


Product specifications

Product type Max Output power(W) Output Current(A) Output Voltage(V) Download
CertaDrive 6W 0.15A 40V LPF I 230V 6 0.15 32-40 Download datasheet
CertaDrive 8W 0.2A 40V LPF I 230V 8 0.2 32-40 Download datasheet
CertaDrive 10W 0.25A 40V LPF I 230V 10 0.25 32-40 Download datasheet
CertaDrive 12W 0.3A 40V LPF I 230V 12 0.3 32-40 Download datasheet
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CertaDrive Low Power Factor