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   Experience good performance with affordable cost

      The Philips CertaFlux LED Spotlight Module (SLM) is a high-performance, compact, and cost-effective series of products for general and accent lighting. This product offers a long-lifetime and energy efficient lighting solution for retail, hospitality and general down-lighting applications.

   Wide portfolio

      This range provides a more affordable COB solution to customers with wide portfolio, flux range from 500lm – 5800lm, available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K,5000K with CRI 80 and CRI90


   Excellent  color  consistency  performance

      Ensuring color consistency is a major concern of LED manufacturers.  With advanced LED optimization, the Certaflux SLM achieved 3 step SDCM. Which exceeds industry standards for chromaticity to guarantee uniformity and consistency of hue and color temperature.


   System approach

      Certaflux SLM offers system lighting solution(COB+ Driver). With Philips CertaDrive or Xitanium driver, give full play to the performance of Certaflux SLM, which will reduce the product defect rate and  energy consumption.

   Stable Lumen maintenance

      The quality of the LED SLM portfolio is backed by the Philips’ claim of B50L70 @ 50,000 hours. This means that at 50,000 hours of operation at least 50% of the LEDs’ population will emit at least 70% of its original amount of lumens.

Average rated life is based on engineering data testing and probability analysis. The CertaFlux LED SLM G1 modules are specified to reach L70B50 for the nominal specifications.


Commercial product name Current (mA) Voltage(V) CRI CCT(K)
CertaFlux SLM C 1201 L06 G1 100-195 36-42 80,90 2700k-5000k
CertaFlux SLM C 1202 L09 G1 200-310 36-42 80,90 2700k-5000k
CertaFlux SLM C 1203 L09 G1 350-545 36-42 80,90 2700k-5000k
CertaFlux SLM C 1204 L12 G1 450-755 36-42 80,90 3000k-5000k
CertaFlux SLM C 1205 L12 G1 550-925 36-42 80,90 3000k-5000k
CertaFlux SLM C 1208 L14 G1 800-1340 36-42 80,90 3000k-5000k
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