LED module Led COB Gen6
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Fortimo LED SLM Gen6

New levels of brightness and saturation in retail

Fortimo LED SLM Gen6 continues to focus on the combination of quality of Light and performance. By offering the COB separate from the holder, even more flexibility in possible system combinations and specifications is achieved. This results in an extensive portfolio of lumen ranges, CCTs and spectra.

Fortimo LED SLM Gen6 brings you:

      •State of the art Chip-on-Board (CoB) technology, enabling highest system efficacy .
      System proposition (CoB + Holder + driver).
CCT range from 2700K-5700K, lumen output from 800 to 10000lm
Five years system warranty with over 50,000 hours lifetime      

Four dedicated product lines:

      •SLM Gen6 Premium White: in various lumen packages and colours; below the black body line providing an improved white perception
      SLM Gen6 CrispWhite:An optimized spectrum for retail, providing intense whites and rich colours.
SLM Food Warm White: Enhancing the appearance of fresh food with specific spectrum
SLM Food Premium Red: Enhancing the appearance of fresh meat with specific spectrum                                                            


Application  information

Consistent with Philips Fortimo families, the Fortimo LED Spotlight  Module(SLM) offers light source solution  for general and accent lighting . Delivering a  high quality and peace of mind.

The initial purpose of this product is for retail lighting applications, more specifically for e.g. food, furniture and leather.

Excellent Color consistency

Color consistency refers to the spread in color points between modules. It is specified in SDCM (Standard Deviation of Color Matching) or MacAdam ellipses, which are identical. The current general specification of all the Fortimo LED SLM Gen6 modules is 3 SDCM. This results in an excellent color consistency performance.


Xitanium LED drivers for Fortimo LED SLGen6                                                                  

These highly efficient LED drivers are designed for the Fortimo LED modules. These are available as a built-in or independent driver, dimmable or with a fixed output.

Realiable Lumen maintenance

The quality of the LED SLM portfolio is backed by the Philips’ claim of B50L70 @ 50,000 hours. This means that at 50,000 hours of operation at least 50% of the LEDs’ population will emit at least 70% of its original amount of lumens.

The example graph is showing the lumen maintenance (% of initial lumen over time) for B50 (50% of the population) and B10 (90% of the population).


Commercial product name Current (mA) Voltage(V) CRI CCT(K)
Fortimo LED SLM 1203 L09 1619 G6 300-510 36-42 70,80,90 2700K - 5000K
Fortimo LED SLM 1205 L13 2024 G6 500-1050 36-42 70,80,90 2700K - 5000K
Fortimo LED SLM 1208 L15 2024 G6 750-1500 36-42 70,80,90 2700K - 5700K
Fortimo LED SLM 1211 L19 2828 G6 1200-2000 36-42 70,80,90 2700K - 5700K
Fortimo LED SLM 1216 L23 2828 G6 1600-2400 36-42 70,80,90 2700K - 5700K
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Fortimo LED SLM Gen6