LED module Led COB CrispWhite
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   Perfect for high-end stores and chic boutiques

      CrispWhite takes LED light quality to exceptional levels. It offers unparalleled rendering of whites and colors within one light source.

      Since its introduction, Fortimo LED SLM CrispWhite has revolutionized fashion retail applications. It’s the first light source that can make whites appear pure, bright and crisp at the same time as making other colors appear warm, saturated and intense. Perfect for high-end stores and chic boutiques. 


      The result is a totally new color experience. So you can promise fashion retailers all the advantages of LED, but with the added benefit of enhanced rendering for both whites and colors.

      Fortimo LED SLM Gen6 CrispWhite modules provide the user with intense whites and rich colors. Please note that the product has no UV wavelengths being emitted. A number of materials have been tested in combination with the crisp white light and the results are promising.

Commercial product name Current (mA) Voltage(V) CRI CCT(K)
Fortimo LED SLM CW 1203 L09 1619 G6 300-510 36-42 90 3000k
Fortimo LED SLM CW 1205 L13 2024 G6 500-1050 36-42 90 3000k
Fortimo LED SLM CW 1208 L15 2024 G6 750-1500 36-42 90 3000k
Fortimo LED SLM CW 1211 L19 2828 G6 1200-1500 36-42 90 3000k
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