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Food Premium Red

   Creating a Mouthwatering Effect

      Food retailers want to make their fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, bread and meat, look as attractive as possible. The correct light can have a hugely positive impact on shoppers’ perception, creating an almost mouthwatering effect. That’s why Philips has developed Fortimo LED SLM PremiumRed optimally tuned light spectra. It provide superior color rendering that present fresh produce in the best possible light.

   Food PremiumRed

      The Fortimo LED SLM PremiumRed is a dedicated solution for fresh meat. It has been developed with a tuned color spectrum that enhances red and simultaneously displays white in a clear and fresh way. It creates a punchy contrast between the two colors, enhancing the appearance of fresh meat.


   Powerful LED benefits

      As LED modules, Fortimo LED SLM PremiumRed will not emit any UV or IR rays, so food stays fresh longer. Even when you place them close to food for enhanced drama, there is no risk of premature food deterioration. In addition, LED light sources generate almost no heat in the direction of the light, and therefore do not affect the products displayed.

   Optimized light quality

      One of the constant pillars of the Fortimo brand is its high quality of light. Fortimo LED SLM PremiumRed is an example of this, with a dedicated spectrum, color uniformity and consistency over life (MacAdam Ellipse of just 3 SDCM). This makes the ortimo LED SLM PremiumRed ideal light sources for fresh meat.

Commercial product name Current (mA) Voltage(V) CRI CCT(K)
Fortimo SLM C 930 FPR 1208 L15 2024 G6 750-1250 36-42 90 3000
Fortimo SLM C 930 FPR 1211 L19 2828 G6 1200-1500 36-42 90 3000
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Food Premium Red