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CertaFlux LED DLM
   Cost effective integration for downlight applications

      CertaFlux DLM EaseSelect brings with it good performance in a cost effective driver on board (DoB) solution, delivering a high quality of light with low flicker. Having an integrated driver and the same mechanical footprint as existing DLM solutions (DLM Flex), enables easy and hassle free design-in.


   Certaflux DLM LED EaseSelect brings you:

        Easy to design-in to a wide range of  competitively priced luminaires
      •Integrated driver-on-board (DoB) solution with good flicker performance
      •Convenient light source for your mid-range downlight luminaire designs
      •Same mechanical footprint as other DLM Flex products

   What’s new ?

      The CertaFlux DLM range is the benchmark for cost-effective LED downlighting. The new CertaFlux LED DLM EaseSelect family further simplifies design-in and increases manufacturing convenience to make your luminaires more price- competitive without sacrificing performance

   Downlight luminaire manufacturing just got more cost efficient

      The CertaFlux DLM EaseSelect is a ‘one-box’ downlight solution for high-volume production of luminaires in fiercely contested trade distribution channels where price defines the market. It combines the convenience and simplicity of an integrated module with a level of performance that will differentiate your products. It is easy to design-in and simplifies assembly. Your next generation of LED downlight luminaires will benefit from the CertaFlux promise that good performance can be great, particularly when it comes to the potential profitability of your products.

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CertaFlux LED DLM