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Petrol & convinence
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Petrol & convinence

Lighting the journey

Your petrol station is an oasis on the road. A welcoming sight for motorists that need fuel, a refreshment stop for weary travellers, and a safe place to pull up and park. The right lighting can encourage them to visit more often.


Good lighting doesn’t just illuminate the way for people on the move. It also has the power to make your brand sparkle, encouraging motorists to take a break from their journey to fill up or buy refreshments. What’s more, the safer and more welcoming you can make the ambience, the more loyal your customers are likely to be. Our solutions are designed to bring out the best in your petrol station without making any glaring errors in terms of energy efficiency.


Undercanopy lighting  

Efficient lighting is essential for creating the right visibility, appearance, safety and ambience for customers visiting your petrol station at night. It will also show your company’s corporate image, reputation and green credentials in the best light.


Shop lighting

Your convenience store is as valuable a source of income as your petrol forecourt. We have the experience and expertise to advise you on creating an attractive store environment. One that will create a consistent brand image to encourage people to stay longer and spend more.


Parking & road

The approach roads and parking facilities will give motorists their first impression of your petrol station. The right lighting will make it feel welcoming and safe, with good visibility and no pockets of shade.All our luminaires are designed to provide precisely the right levels of light, in the right place, at the right time.



The car wash can be a valuable income stream for your petrol station as well as a practical and fun service for customers. Our total car wash concept uses colour in exciting and dynamic ways to create a sense of adventure and bring the whole experience to life

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Petrol & convinence