Application Office and industry Warehouse
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Semi-products, production equipment, materials and goods need to be stored logically, found simply and distributed rapidly. Industrial warehouse and logistics buildings fulfil highly diverse tasks , therefore place very specific and varied demands on lighting solutions.


From top to bottom

Highbay racking usually has a fixed hall layout featuring shelving and aisles, and with luminaire mounting heights from 6 to 15 metres


Confined spatial conditions, narrow traffic routes and high shelves frequently cause difficult lighting conditions, and often with the shadowing of complete areas. Homogeneous illumination and high vertical illuminance are important for the rapid identification of shelving content as well as packaging and shelf labelling.


Luminaires and special trunking with narrow light distribution are ideal for supplying shelving levels with sufficiently good lighting conditions, and because the line of vision is often upwards, luminaires have to fulfil maximum demands in terms of glare control. Highbay racking is also the ideal application for light management systems – lighting in halls or specific zones is automatically dimmed or only switched on when personnel is present, using motion-dependent control.


Lighting requirements:

—traffic routes with persons: E m 150 lx, UGR ≤ 22, U 0 ≥ 0.4, R a ≥ 60

—(high) shelf front: E m 200 lx, U 0 ≥ 0.4


Planning criteria:

—High vertical illuminance on shelf fronts with good homogeneity

—Very good luminaire glare reduction for safe use of fork lift trucks

—High vertical illuminance for the optimal recognition of stocked goods from all viewing angles

—A combination of diffuse and directed light distribution for optimal contrast rendering and legibility of labels.

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