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Parking garage solution

Achieving attentiveness

The facade of a company is often the first and most important external form of communication. Sufficient parking contributes to the stress-free start of a working day or business meeting


Parking garages

Orientation and safety have top priority in parking garages, and well- illuminated parking spaces without shadow zones reduce the risk of accidents , and also give a feeling of personal safety. Signs, vehicles and people can be identified better and more rapidly.


Company parking garages are normally busy at certain peak times – in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening, and sensor-supported light management systems and controllable luminaires are ideal in such situations for exploiting existing energy-saving potential, of course only when no people are in the garage or no vehicle is in motion


Lighting requirements

—Safety and orientation for pedestrians and drivers

—Illuminance: to 300 lux in entry and transit areas

—Entrance and exit routes(day): E m 300 lx, GRL ≤ 25, U 0 ≥ 0.4, R a  ≥ 40

—Entrance and exit routes(night): E m 75 lx, GRL ≤ 25, U 0 ≥ 0.4, R a ≥ 40

—Traffi c routes: E m 75 lx, GRL ≤ 25, U 0 ≥ 0.4, R a ≥ 40

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Parking garage solution