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Xitanium Adjustable Output Current

      Philips Xitanium LV LED adjustable current drivers are specifically designed for maximum flexibility and reliability in low voltage outdoor applications. With superior surge protection, these durable, independently housed drivers deliver consistent, high performance to luminaires even after multiple indirect lightning strikes – an ideal solution for OEMs that need reliable, adjustable output in a rugged independent form factor.


  • Features

    Proven robustness and reliable electronic driver design

    Adjustable output current with wide window

    Long lifetime to withstand harsh outdoor conditions

    Compact size, fitting with varied and critical luminaires.

    Suitable for Class I isolated luminaires

    Authorized certificate: ENEC, CB, CE and CCC

      • Benefits

        Low voltage/high current output fits the application of LED strings connecting in parallel

        AOC (Adjustable Output Current) gives the full flexibility to output different currents to spec-in different projects

        Easy adjustment of output current/voltage by only one screwdriver

        Various power wattage drivers that are related to the lumen packages/applications

        Consistent waterproof performance through the lifecycle

        IP rated housing support luminaries without fully sealed gearbox

        • Applications

          Road and street lighting

          Area and flood lighting

          Tunnel lighting

          High bay lighting

Product specifications

Product type Max Output power(W) Output Current(A) Output Voltage(V) Download
Xitanium 100W 2.1-4.2A AOC 230V I220 100 2.1-4.2 12-48 Download datasheet
Xitanium 150W 2.45-4.9A AOC 230V I220 150 2.45-4.9 15-61 Download datasheet
Xitanium 185W 3.0-3.8A AOC 230V I220 182 3.0-3.8 34-48 Download datasheet
Xitanium 200W 2.8-5.6A AOC 230V I250 200 2.8-5.6 18-71 Download datasheet
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Xitanium Adjustable Output Current