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Xitanium Dail programmable

      Philips Xitanium full programmable LED drivers are specifically designed to deliver the highest performance, protection and configurability. The portfolio offers both central and standalone dimming protocols further increasing the energy savings and CO2 reductions achieved with LED lighting. The technology ensures maximum robustness and protection combined with a very long lifetime.

      In this product family Philips introduces new drivers in a stretched form factor with state-of-the-art features, which offer high value for both OEM customers and end-users. The products can replace the existing programmable outdoor LED drivers and will bring significant improvement in programming, assembly into a luminaire and electrical performance. One of the key features is SimpleSet, an easy and fast way to configure the drivers in a production environment, without the need to power the driver.


  • Features

    simpleSet, wireless configuration interface

    High surge protection (CM/DM)

    Long lifetime and robust protection against moisture,vibration and temperature

    Configurable operating windows (AOC)

    Multiple control interfaces: DALI, lineSwitch, AmpDim

    Autonomous dimming via integrated DynaDimmer

    Suitable for central DC operation (DCemDim)

    Thermal protection for driver and for module (MTP)

      • Benefits

        Ultimate robustness, offering peace of mind and

        Fully programmable LED drivers designed fo the new

        Extended diagnostics via SimpleSet and MultiOne

        Easy to design-in, configure and install for Class I and Class II applications

        Energy savings through high efficiency and via multiple dimming options

        • Applications

          Road and street lighting

          Area lighting

          Industry lighting

Product specifications

Product type Max Output power(W) Output Current(A) Output Voltage(V) Download
Xi FP 22W 0.3-1.0A SNLDAE 230V S175 sXt 22 0.3-1.0 10-32 Download datasheet
Xi FP 40W 0.3-1.0A SNLDAE 230V S175 sXt 40 0.3-1.0 20-54 Download datasheet
Xi FP 75W 0.3-1.0A SNLDAE 230V S240 sXt 75 0.3-1.0 35-105 Download datasheet
Xi FP 150W 0.3-1.0A SNLDAE 230V S240 sXt 150 0.3-1.0 70-214 Download datasheet
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Xitanium Dail programmable