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Furniture store
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Lighting is a critical factor in creating a unique shopping environment: one that attracts customers and pulls them in, creates a store personality while reflecting brand and identity.


Successful furniture store lighting does not come in a one-size-fits-all package;it is a strategic blend of color, contrast, control, and energy efficiency. More than application knowledge and experience, it requires proper application and lighting techniques utilizing the latest lamp and luminaire technology.


A customer that is excited about their shopping experience will stay longer, spend more money, and not only be more likely to return, but enjoy coming back


The IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) defines sustainable lighting design as meeting the qualitative needs of the visual environment with the least impact on the

physical environment, in other words, finding the balance between visual needs and product sustainability.


Our goal is to create a balance between lighting effect, affordability and adaptability. We offer a wide range of fixture options to optimize the appearance of merchandise, while minimizing ongoing operating cost.


The initial purpose of Fortimo SLM Gen6 is furniture and other retail lighting applications, it offers exceptional light quality and delivers a high quality and peace of mind.With various color temperature and excellent glare control, It will surely contribute to the sustainable lighting design.

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