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Jewellery shops
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Illuminate every detail

Customers can have big expectations and be filled with emotions when entering a jewellery shop; it could be a couple searching for an engagement ring or someone buying a present for a baptism or anniversary.

This is an area where big and expensive decisions are made;  therefore it is important to create a comfortable and trustworthy environment according to the feelings of the brand. Lighting is an important part when creating a pleasant atmosphere, to be able to see the details clearly and also to display the items in the best kind of way.

A pleasant atmosphere

When entering a jewellery shop the visitor should be welcomed with a pleasant atmosphere of visual quality and comfortable light levels. The customer should feel calm about choosing what to buy and when to do it, without feeling any stress.

When illuminating jewellerys, colour, shapes and texture are important factors, just as the lighting. A more dramatic light or focused light with narrow beamed spotlights is beneficial and creates a comfortable and dynamic atmosphere in the shop instead of a more flat general light.

Integrated light

Integrated LED luminaires can create a stimulating environment where the light will not glare and disturb the impression. Narrow shelves, furniture and other displays can be illuminated with smaller luminaires optimised for integrated lighting.

Getting close to the products

At a jewellery shop it is all about seeing the details. The lighting should enhance the items and therefore it is important that the lighting does not create glare.

Jewellery shops have many displays with products arranged by campaign, season or brand. Try to distribute the lighting in these spaces so that the customer can get close to the products, seeing the details.


It is important to think about the lighting in front of the mirrors. Use integrated light in the mirror and illuminate with spotlights obliquely from the front. This provides flattering facial lighting.

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