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Cars showrooms
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"The lighting should reflect the statement of the brand"

Enhancing light

Car showrooms tend to be very large and only use general lighting. This often ends up in a solution that feels monotone and rather unexciting. Our eyes need some contrast in both intensity and type of light to comfortably be able to see and orientate in the surroundings.


Lighting provides the possibility to create atmosphere and enhance focus areas. We like to divide the showroom into a few different parts. This provides the opportunity to differentiate the amount and type of light for each area. It is especially important for big car showrooms that rarely have less than 3-4 meter of ceiling height.


Try to bring the installation height down in some of the areas where there is no need for that vertical open space. It is possible to create a successful lighting solution for a car showroom when you add elements that harmonise the natural light and reflection from the outdoor space. Perhaps use lighting that resembles the natural light so we can see what the car will look like in action on a road.

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