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Fashion shop lighting solution

    Shopping has increasingly becoming a leisure activity, and commercial lighting is undoubtedly a key factor affecting the success of the retail industry. The basic of the effective retail store lighting is the analysis of the target customer group psychology, and appreciate application of lighting solution in line with the customer’s moods, in order to enhance the customer experience.

    The miniaturized and modular lamps design is becoming more and more popular, which can be coordinated with architecture space. Partial accent lighting assimilates into the entire atmosphere to create a more humane and more natural shopping environment. Universal modular illuminance can make the lighting to be arranged flexibly according to the concept of the store, to meet the brand developed concept and even the specific lighting favorites of a single space, giving the operators and shoppers a flexible and energy saving visual experience.

    Our system lighting solutions use Philips technology as the core of the lighting products, coupled with smart lighting systems and energy-saving systems, to bring a broader  imagination and effectiveness to the creation and management of the lighting atmosphere of the retail industry.

StoreWise energy management smart system

    Comprehensive multi-site energy management stage(EMS): Direct supporting all kinds of equipment across the entire store range to do the real-time system monitoring(including lighting, heating/cooling, power meter monitoring systems and other equipment,etc), energy consumption analysis, making energy-saving strategy, and doing energy-saving management. In order to save the costs of energy consumption for chain operations managers, optimize property management; and increase customer comfort.

Real-time system control

- Sub-item energy consumption monitoring(such as lighting, air conditioning, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity,etc.)
- Equipment status monitoring
- Early warning tips-risk control, easy maintenance
- Remote diagnosis

Visual presentation, big data analysis

- Energy consumption analysis(check out the historical data and trend, find out the energy saving space chance point)
- Energy-saving strategy
- Energy-saving accounting-test and verify the efficiency of energy-saving

Energy-saving management-remote/site

Smart dimming(daily light collection can reach up to 15-20% energy saving, illumination can reach up to 10-15% energy saving, human body induction can reach up to 3-5% energy saving, automatic dimming can reach up to 10-15% energy saving according to time period)

Energy saving can reach up to 10-20% according to the air conditioning/freezer status and environment control temperature

Energy-saving management-remote/site

Use minimized and invisible lighting method

    In order to achieve effective lighting scenes, the designers in fashion retail stores are becoming moreandmore rely on minimization and interior invisible lighting. Evolving LED technology and increasingly miniaturized lighting provide the possibility of peace and efficiency of the entire lighting, not just from near or far away: light without UV and IR is precisely controlled. The closer distant between light and illuminated object, the clearer the details of items can be presented, thus    consuming less energy.

Use ceiling as designing elements

In the retail environment, gigantic ceiling areas are increasingly seen as designing surfaces, to improve the spatial height and enhance the recognition of brand.

Ceiling is a huge available architecture surface in the retail space, up to the present it is mainly used to install the functional lamp and architecture equipment. The present trend of retail application is to break these limit, attract their attention and divide the space into different unit through the amazing function. For this type of lighting, the primary implementation is a large area illuminating screen, some companies use this new ceiling system to achieve brand differentiation.

The Philips OneSpace ceiling lamps combine an LED light source with Kvadrat textile fabric to create a monochromatic white light that blends into the ceiling, making the ceiling look like seamless connection, neat and beautiful, and the average lighting arrangement enhances the lighting experience of day and night. The noise reduction characteristics of textile fabrics decrease the disturbing of sound and the reflection of light, making the space more comfortable.

                                -one piece case,Hangzhou Apple flagship store and Bershka

The future of retail industrial lighting

-8 out of 10 customers in the store will use mobile terminal to help make shopping decisions.

-50% of shoppers are willing to receive business push  information based on the geographic location.

-There’s plenty of opportunities for retailers to increase the shoppers’ participation by proving the truly relevant services based on location.

-Philips interior location provides more possibilities. 

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Fashion shop lighting solution

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